NVictus Machinery is a Distributor of Metal Fabrication Equipment and Welding Solutions in the United States. We are committed to delivering quality Solutions and Customer Service.

At NVictus, we are are more than just a company that sells top tier industrial equipment. We understand and share the same values you do. When it comes to reducing costs, improving efficiency, industry experience, trust, and 24/7 reliability you can count on our 30+ years of industry experience backed by the world's best and most reliable industrial equipment. With NVictus as your business partner, your investment is much more than the  equipment solutions we provide, you are also acquiring a relationship with a company that shares your values and a company you can always rely on.

NVictus Machinery is committed to the concept of providing “Value Added” services to every machine we recommend. Our ability to provide factory-trained, professional Service Engineers and Customer Service Representatives to our customers is paramount to our support strategy. Decommissioning, Shipping, Install & Training is always included.

In addition to distributing New Machines, NVictus Machinery buys and sells used machines.
We offer warranty, install and training on all of our Used Equipment.

As business owners, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the right equipment. While you don’t have to own the latest and greatest, your equipment has to get the job done. Not having the right equipment can make or break you. Luckily, Section 179 was created to encourage business owners to get the equipment they need and encourage growth by offering tax incentives.