NVictus Machinery is a Distributor of Metal Fabrication Equipment and Welding Solutions in the United States. We are committed to delivering quality Solutions and Customer Service.

"Chris has provided several key pieces of equipment to support our manufacturing processes, including a CNC Pipe Profiler and a NC ship frame bender. Chris has proven to be a knowledgeable partner in selecting the appropriate equipment and manufacturers for our processes, and Chris’ post-sale customer service has been exceptional throughout. He has worked closely with manufacturers to ensure our needs are met. I highly recommend NVictus and Chris personally, as his integrity has been proven by his consistent performance."

- Walter Thomassie

"Chris has outstanding knowledge for the products he sells. Working with NVictus as a potential customer in Texas it was always refreshing to be able to speak with a sales rep (Chris) that has engineering knowledge not only of his product, but the various industries they support."

- Peter s.

"NVictus goes above and beyond to help their customers out in a pinch. NVictus is always willing to provide suggestions and connections when I have been in a bind and needed a quick response."

- byran young

"Christopher spent time working for me directly as a CAD Designer using Solidworks and AutoCad Inventor. He interfaced with the manufacturing groups well, and had an excellent understanding of manufacturing prioritization. He could support the CAM team with basic knowledge of the CAM software, and NVictus has been an excellent resource in later endeavors. Chris is a motivated individual."

- matthew labove

"I run a small (16 presses) stamping operation in Hermosillo, Mexico and we always have struggled to get field service from the major brands we use in our operations; some won't send technicians to Mexico or will send people with poor troubleshooting skills, others take long to respond emails or just won't answer any kind of communication. Our experience with NVictus was way different; always attentive to our needs, they visited our factory when had major issues with two Bruderer stamping presses, immediately brought a technician to Hermosillo to diagnose the machines, got us the spares (from the US to Mx in record time) to fix one of the machines and swapped our defective feed unit with a new one to get us up and running again. Chris made sure we got out of trouble first and arranged the financial part afterwards. Chris is a person that will do even the impossible to provide an extraordinary customer experience."

- jorge clayton Valmaña

"Christopher is a very talented and knowledgeable team player. It was a pleasure working with someone with such an outgoing personality and professionalism. His knowledge in the fabrication and stamping industry is expert which enables him to find the right solution for the customer quickly. I would highly recommend working with NVictus Machinery."

- Brandie goode

"Christopher has always been fantastic to work with. He has a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in his trade as well as being very personable and professional. He treats his clients well and has a wealth of knowledge to find them the best solutions. I highly recommend NVictus Machinery."

- Nathan quirl

"I met Chris a few years back while researching high speed press work. I found Chris to be very knowledgeable and helpful. His engineering background makes him a leader in his field. I would recommend Chris for any problem solving issues you may have with your stamping press lines...
Friendly, knowledgeable, professional."

- Jim Misico

"Christopher is one of the most knowledge person I´ve met. His technical skills allow him to offer the right solution on what his customers are looking for on stamping as well as water jet technologies. Strongly recommendable engineer on management and solutions related to his business."

- Rosalío vázquez

"Chris was one of our smartest engineers and hard working too in a job that required extensive travel. Based on my expertise with NVictus I would highly recommend him and NVictus to see that they're stretched to make use of their talents."

- glenn binder

"Chris, is a tenacious detail driven individual. He's always looking for ways to help customers and add value to his relationship by utilizing his experience in software, machinery, sales and account management."

- Ben morrall