Fabrication Services

NVictus Machinery is a Distributor of Metal Fabrication Equipment and Welding Solutions in the United States. We are committed to delivering quality Solutions and Customer Service.

Mechanical Engineering

Our production facility can accommodate high-volume, precision products and parts at competitive rates. From transport trailers for expensive airplanes, roller coasters, tractor attachments, custom brackets, support columns to funiculars, we can build it all! We can easily ship anywhere in the world with the Port of Houston, one of the world’s largest ports, only hours away from our factory. With our AWS welders, expert assembly team, process engineers and project managers we can deliver the best products in the world in a timely manner.

Electrical Engineering

We partner with some of the best electrical engineers in the field. Many of our product designs involve electrical hardware development, software development and electrical testing. If your product design requires electrical engineering, we can manage this for you.


We don’t just build something, we test it! The most crucial step in all of our designs is detailed analysis. We make sure analysis is applied to all product designs prior to production. Our expertise in analysis procedures provides the right design for the right job. Each analysis we complete will include: Thermal/Flow, Structural, Tolerance & EMI/RFI containment.


Quick prototyping allows our customers to ensure the function, design and aesthetics of their product design. We can offer a full-scale prototype to a scaled 3D printed or CNC first article. We work with some of the latest technologies available in providing accurate prototypes that help our customers visualize their reality.

State of the Art Team

Our firm has over 6 talented design engineers with offices in both California and Texas.  Extreme Engineering’s headquarters is outside of Dallas, Texas with over 50,000 SQ FT of state-of-the-art production and R&D facilities on 9 acres, the California office resides on 5 acres.  The Texas production plant is led by AWS certified welders with additional experts in manufacturing, horizontal integration and assembly.  Our factory is operated by a rigorous quality control process and driven by a computer driven MRP system for managing tooling, assembly parts and hardware.  Advanced testing methods are applied to all of the products and parts assembled in our factory.

Caylob, Future VP