Fabrication Services

NVictus Machinery is a Distributor of Metal Fabrication Equipment and Welding Solutions in the United States. We are committed to delivering quality Solutions and Customer Service.

Beam, Bar & Tube Cutting

Sawing is the cutting of metal. Sawing and cutting material is accomplished in a variety of abrasive methods using a variety of equipment. Cutting involves equipment such as band saws, circular saws, contour saws, mitre saws, precision plate saws (for Aluminum) and others to achieve the desired shape and/or dimension. The sawing process can range from a single cut to production quantities.

Bending, Forming & Shaping

Forming is the process of changing metal to customer-specified shapes. Processes include bending, cambering, plate or sheet forming, and roll-forming sheet metal into shapes such as Angles and Channels.

Coil, Flat Roll Processing

Flat Roll processing is the process of rolling material from either coil or sheet feed stock. This process includes coil breakdown, coil slitting, sheet leveling (cut-to-length), oscillate slitting, sheet or coil perforating, precision blanking, and shearing to meet precise tolerances. Flat roll processing coil or sheet is done largely to meet custom specifications /requirements.

Machining & Manufacturing

Machining refers to performing single or multiple processes to a piece of metal to produce a customer-specified component part. Machining includes beveling, chamfering, deburring, drilling, grinding, honing, skin or twin milling, turning, threading and stamping. Our diversity in equipment is capable of handling both large and small material and jobs.

Manufacturing is the making or processing of Parts or Kits per customer specification using various processes such as welding and fabrication. Fabricating is a value-added process that readies pieces of material for product assembly.

Laser Cutting, Plate & Sheet Cutting

Burning, or cutting, can produce various shapes according to customer-supplied drawings through the use of CNC controlled machinery and can include the use of Oxy-Fuel, Plasma, High-Definition Plasma, 10kw Fiber laser Cutting or Water Jet Cutting for carbon, aluminum and stainless steel sheet and plate.

Caylob, Future VP