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APLG 3060-Gantry Drilling Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting Machines

Akyapak is on the market with APLG-Akyapak GANTRY Hole Drilling and Oxygen/Plasma Cutting Machine, its new model in CNC hole drilling, marking, cutting lines in Akyapak’s product range, which can only be manufactured only a few manufacturers in the World…

Akyapak raises the bar in terms of productivity in steel construction manufacturing industry with its GANTRY model. The model is able to perform cutting and light milling on plate by moving the bridge in a minimum field when the material is fixed. The bridge moves on GANTRY while the machine table is fixed, and the model has a hole drilling center with 30 HP power, and plasma and oxygen cutting unit. The smallest version has a 6,5 feet width and its length starts from 20 feet, while the largest version has a 13 feet width and its length ranges up to 118 feet.

With this model, Akyapak is environment-friendly, as well. Gases exhausted as a result of plasma and oxygen cutting are collected from the fixed table and filtered, and emitted into the environment as clean gases.

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Standard Features
  • Plate size (max. mm): 3000×6000 | (max. feet): 10×20
  • Plate thicknes with plasma (max. mm): 50 | (max. inch): 2
  • Plasma torches (No.): 1
  • Plate thicknes with Oxy (max. mm): 100 | (max. inch): 4
  • Drilling head (No.): 1
  • Drilling tools per head (No.): 8
  • Spindle power (kW): 22 | (HP): 30
  • Spindle max (RPM): 3000
  • Machine weight (Kg): 22730 | (Ibs): 50.000
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Give us a call to go over all available options.

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