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Bundle Cutting Series

WOS 600x700

WOS 600X700 model is an automatic band saw machine with double column body design. The Machine is able to bundle cutting thanks to hydraulic top clamp which can be added as optional. Precision cutting capability has been gained with linear guides.  The cut material can be easily tightened thanks to hydraulic vises automatically. After the length of the cut material and the amount of pieces to be cut are entered on the PLC control panel, the machine automatically adjusts the length to be cut with the help of an encoder and cuts in the amount entered. Feeder vices drive the material according to the set size automatically. 20 different cutting sizes can be entered on the screen. 50 different work lists can be saved to the control panel and saved work list can be used at any time. It is ideal for bundle cutting.

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Standard Features
  • Main Motor: 7.5 HP
  • Hydraulic Motor: 2 HP
  • Conveyor Motor: 1/6HP
  • Coolant Motor: 1/4 HP
  • Cutting Speed: 82-328fbm
  • Feeding Stroke: 26,5''
  • Blade Size: 20' 1/6" x 1.6" x 18 Gauge
  • Weight: 8375 lbs
  • Working Height: 28.75"
  • Dimensions: 86,6''x114''x86,7''
  • Servo Feeder Motor: 1 HP
  • Blade Angle: 5°
  • Swarf Brush Motor: 1/3 HP
  • Hydraulic Band Tension
  • Hydraulic Top Clamp
  • Motorized Chip Brush
  • Sensitive Pressure - Inverter - Hydraulic Vice - PLC Control Panel
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Material Table
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Looking for more information?

Give us a call to go over all available options.

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